About me

Hi! I'm dr. Sergey Zabiyako, professional photographer in Montenegro.

Photography is my greatest love. Of course, I worked constantly on training, but I acquired higher education in other schools, first at the Faculty of Radio Engineering in Russia, after which I focused on computer science and got my doctorate. Then, for a long time, I worked in the profession as a manager in a company, and due to the needs imposed on me by my job, I finished another faculty - marketing at the University of Inholland.
But I do photography without interruption,  because it's a love of a lifetime. In addition to this, the founder and director of the digital marketing agency PROMO-MONTENEGRO doo  and co-owner of the real estate agency PANDA Group Real Estate Montenegro.
Fact 001
I have been living in Montenegro with my family since 2012.
Fact 002
In 2013, I received the Montenegrin national award "OSKAR" for promotional photographs of Montenegro.
Fact 003
Since 2014, I have been working as the official photographer of Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest for several years in a row.
Fact 004
Since 2012, I have taken over 4 million photos. I have over 100 thousand followers on social networks.
dr. Sergey Zabiyako, professional photographer in Montenegro


I'm dr. Sergey Zabiyako, professional photographer in Montenegro.

I have been involved in photography since the age of seven, because it is the love of my whole life. You can see more details about me and my experience on the "About me" page.
dr. Sergey Zabiyako, professional photographer in Montenegro

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Real Estate Photography

Event Photography

Baptism Photography

Wedding Photography

Aerial Photography

Graduation Photography

Advertising Photography

Birthday Party Photography

Nightlife Photography

Architectural Photography

Sport Photography

Food (Dishes) Photography

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I always work with my heart

Life is a game...
We are all actors in our lives. I always manage to capture a character and convey it with a photo.
Real moments
The moment in the photo is sometimes more important than the composition. I don't miss anything.
Photos for a long memory
A good photo is always printed and placed in a prominent place.
Montenegro was created for great photo shoots
The nature, places and ecological acceptability of Montenegro enable photography everywhere.
100% satisfied customers
The most important thing for me is the satisfaction of my clients. I monitor this carefully and respect privacy.
I am constantly in trend
I always keep up with the times: technology, processing, equipment.


Several indicators


Award and recognition

više od 3 000

private festivities photographed: weddings, birthdays, etc.


photographed hotels, villas, apartments, restaurants, boutiques


regular corporate clients


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